Frequently asked questions

Do you cover my area? - We cover a wide range of areas around Stamford, Bourne and Corby, please message for more information.

Can I call you to discuss a potential booking? - Yes! please feel free to call on 07857341697, alternatively send us a message through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or email.

Do you offer a meet & greet before? - We absolutely do offer a complimentary meet and greet! we want all parties to be happy and confident before any walks or stays happen, this gives us time to become familiar with each other and get to know your pup better.

Will I have the same walker each time? - We guarantee that you will always receive the same walker who your pups know and are familiar with.

What credentials do you have? - We are DBS checked and fully insured with Pet Business Insurance

Can you collect my pet? - Yes! We have 24/7 access to our own cars with a fully clean driving license, You can either give us a key which is kept in a secure safe or leave a key for us somewhere safe

How many dogs do you walk at a time? - Most of our walks are individual we rarely have more than two at a time but we would never exceed three dogs per walk

My dog likes their own walk routine, will you follow it? - We always listen and take your preference on where and when you like your pups walked

Do you offer any extras? - We walk a lot of rescue dogs and owners can be nervous so for this reason we have private live GPS tracker you can follow each walk if requested, we also clean all paws and dry before returning home